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I just finished Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, and jesus, as if the last two eps weren’t sad enough they basically had to make you feel sad/more sad on the last by showing their past and everything else.

I’m like.. in tears, and not from the anime ending but because I never had so many characters I liked die at one time, especially when they weren’t bad… they were brainwashed, threatened.

God… thanks for the feels Book of Circus. ;——-; My heart can’t take it…

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So I want to make a few rants and talk about something.

First rant: I don’t know if anyone has seen this thing going around about a 14 year old basically saying she loves this guy who murdered someone cause he’s hot, and she hopes he gets out soon to marry her, and she’s supporting him but yeah, I found out about it today.

Basically… this 14 year old girl is stupid, there’s no denying it. However there is people telling her to kill herself since the OP gave everyone her name and instagram. Now everyone is calling this girl a cunt, bitch, and telling her to kill yourself. Guys I have a cousin who’s 14 and I’ve been living with for the past month, they can be pretty stupid, trust me. However it gives no one the right to tell this girl to kill yourself.

Yes she’s an idiot, yes she probably needs help, and raised better, but by no means does she deserve to kill herself. You do not tell someone to kill themselves, it’s NEVER okay. I hope people who do it realize that ah… if she actually kills herself, you could get in trouble for being the reason she did it. From experience when someone get bullied like this on the internet where it makes a big impact, the feds get involved, and they ain’t no laughing matter.

Onto the next mater… so a Christian friend of mine posted a pic of her with this guy, I assume maybe a crush or her boyfriend. So either way, I’m reading the comments and I see these ‘Looks like a nice guy… and I’m sure he loves Jesus! and ‘Congrats Bethany remember to keep Christ the center/cornerstone and He will flourish it!' and my stomach just turned, eyes rolled. It's just… ridiculous. I get it probably doesn't bother her because like I said, she's a Christian, but it just… I can't take shit like this. Maybe it's because I don't believe but for one to me it doesn't mater if someone loves Jesus and two… you wanna believe in something that's fine but I don't see the whole deal with keeping Christ in the center. It just sounds… so freaking ridiculous to me, religion in general does. To me it just sounds like people who are scared and think if they believe they'll be taken care of and safe. If I did that but with voices in my head people would think I'm fucking nuts.

And finally… a story I read today. I guess outside this Pennsylvania state police department someone/some people opened fired on two cops, and the station is surrounded by woods. One cop died and the other got injured. The story quoted a cop in the department and called whoever did it a coward/cowards.

Now… by no means am I saying I approve of this, nor am I happy it happened or anything of the such, I just want to make a point. Nowadays with all the trouble with cops, cops way abusing their power, for one it wouldn’t surprise me if these two cops did that and this was a revenge kind of thing, that they did some wrong and got away with it. Maybe both didn’t but one and the other just got caught in it, I don’t know. You are going after someone at work, I’d probably hide too so I don’t know if coward is the right word.

Point is though while I think even if it was revenge, it wasn’t right. Killing someone for a wrong is never the right way to make it right, of course it depends as well. Like when it came to Saddam Hussein he deserved it. When it comes to people who randomly kills a bunch of people they deserve it. Though in a way if say the cop killed someone who didn’t need to die, I could understand, because more than likely he would or already did get away with it, and at times I do believe ‘An eye for an eye’.  As I said though, I don’t know the full story but yeah… to me I think there’s a chance maybe this/these cops may have got what was coming to them. So more or less… it was a random thought.

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As terrible as it was, I feel like I’m the only American to have not cried over 9/11 once in the past thirteen years. And one of the only Americans who can go the entire day without mentioning it at all.

I was too young to get it when it happened, and when I got older and actually comprehended how serious and sad it was…I just never really got very emotional over it.

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Why are women so stubborn? Why can’t they just say what they want? Why?

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I haven’t felt this hurt and depressed in a long time… I just kinda feel like crawling under a rock and dying.

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